Our Sustainable Art Practices

We believe in doing our part to take care of God's creation. We're committed to producing sustainable art that reduces our impact on the environment.

What do we do?
Look, we’re gonna be real with you. We print things and we ship things and both of those things are pretty bad for the environment. But this is also real: Faithlish is a company committed to producing sustainable art, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and offsetting any negative impact on Mother Nature. So, this page is here to answer the question “what is sustainable art” to us.

We print locally to reduce carbon emissions
By partnering with printers in more than 50 countries, we're able to produce and ship our sustainable art locally. That means that if you're in Australia, your Book is printed and shipped from Australia (or the closest partner to you). This not only reduces delivery times, but also transport distances and carbon emissions.

We print on demand to eliminate overproduction
We don't believe in creating unnecessary waste or contributing to landfills. That's why everything on our site is made-to-order. This eliminates overproduction and ensures that each piece of sustainable art is created with intention and purpose.

Our paper is FSC certified
We care about where our materials come from, and that's why our paper is FSC certified. This certification ensures that the timber used for our paper comes from a forest that has been responsibly managed according to social, economic, and environmental standards.

We are a fully remote team
At Faithlish, we believe in flexibility and freedom. Our team works remotely, which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transportation. Plus, it allows us to connect with talented artists from all over the world who share our commitment to sustainability.

We believe in the longevity of products
We want our sustainable art to bring joy to your life for years to come. That's why we prioritise quality control and ensure that each product is built to last.

More Trees, More Sustainability
We know that sustainability is an ongoing journey, which is why we're partnering with organisations like Tree-Nation to plant trees and offset our carbon emissions. When you buy from Faithlish, you're not only supporting sustainable art practices, but also contributing to a healthier planet.

67%: The potential saving of carbon emissions per order when printing locally.
95%: The percentage of orders that are produced in the same country as they are delivered.
3445 km: The average shipping distance saved per order when printing on demand.

Every day is Earth Day at Faithlish, and we're committed to creating sustainable art that you can feel good about. Join us in promoting a more sustainable future, one piece of art at a time.